Hello, new dining areas!

The new Einstein Bros. bagel shop is almost done

The new Einstein Bros. bagel shop is almost done

Transforming the campus food experience

The College is updating its food service, including a $3 million renovation of dining areas on the Duluth campus.

When classes start in the fall, Greenview cafeteria in Somers Hall, Storm's Den in Tower Hall and the Beakers coffeehouse in the Science Center will be transformed.

Lighting, wall treatments, flooring and seating will be modernized to emphasize warmth and flexibility that's inviting at all hours of day. Food will be prepared in front of the customers, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, responsiveness to student preferences, and evolving offerings.

Greenview will have multiple dining stations that include home-style comforts, Mediterranean, grill, bakery, deli, and a "produce market" salad bar. The décor will feature new service areas, booths, and tables as well as an area dedicated to health and wellness.

Storm's Den will feature Sandwich Shack, a student-designed sandwich and soup dining location, Grille Works, offering burgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches as well as grilled breakfast items, Greens to Go, a made-to-order salad and wrap bar as well as Java City, a specialty coffee shop with pastries and meal options. A Provisions on Demand (P.O.D) Express will serve as a one-stop convenience shop for students, faculty and staff alike.

Beakers will become an Einstein Bros. Bagels outlet. The menu will consist of bagels and schmears, sandwiches, salads, Espresso-based drinks, pizza bagels, bagel dogs, and breakfast selections.  

"They'll really be community spaces as well as being the places students, faculty and staff will come to eat," said Steve Lyons, vice president for student affairs.

There'll be longer hours than in the past, more culinary options and regular menu changes.

The renovations are part of an agreement with Aramark Higher Education for management of the College's food service, which is now called Saints Dining.

Conceptual drawings of the new dining facilities

Conceptual drawing of Greenview


Conceptual drawing of Storm's Den

Storm's Den

Conceptual drawing of Storm's Den

Storm's Den

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