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Conference sponsored in part by The College of St. Scholastica School of Education's 100% online Master of Education program. In Partnership with Proctor Public Schools.

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Keynote address presented by Dr. Thomas R. Guskey

Improving Student Learning with Standards and Assessments

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Thomas R. Guskey Performance assessments make a real difference for students only when they become an integral part of the instructional process. This presentation focuses on to set clear learning goals, gather useful information on students' performance, use that information to guide improvements in teaching and learning, and document learning progress in the context of modern classrooms. Participants will learn how to use classroom assessments as effective learning tools, how to integrate performance assessments with more traditional testing and evaluation methods, how to align assessment procedures with important learning goals, and how these procedures will allow them to better meet the needs of diverse learners.

For more information, review Dr. Guskey's presentations and related books