Healthcare Informatics Certificate

This program focuses on the application of computers to generate, validate, secure and integrate healthcare data so it can be effectively used to support the decision-making activities of clinical and administrative professionals.

This program is offered in a distance learning format and generally can be completed in three semesters or less. The courses that comprise this certificate program may also be applied to the department's master's degree program.

Application requirements and checklist

Required Foundational Courses

  • HSC 2203 | U.S. Health Care System (4) 
  • HIM 2110 | Concepts & Principles of HIM (2) 
  • HIM 2111 |  HIM Technologies in Practice (2)

Total required semester credits: 18

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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse CIS 6208 - IT Project Management

A discussion of the project management process through the framework prescribed by a project management certifying body. Providing an IT perspective of planning, estimating, leading, and monitoring projects. Students will not only use project management software, but will also explore communication and personnel issues related to project management. (8 weeks)

Expand and Collapse HIM 6501 - Technology Appl Health Care

Introduction to current and emerging technology applications and data standards in the healthcare industry and how they relate to the collection of patient data and conversion to health information. Legacy, client server-based, and web-based systems examined, along with emerging technologies that support the creation of the electronic health record (EHR). Emphasis is on systems integration, systems security and the processes for evaluating and selecting applications that address organizational goals and functional requirements. Prerequisite: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6502 - Develop Clinical Info Systems

Focused on providing students with the expertise to conceptualize and strategically plan and build the appropriate health information infrastructure for supporting the knowledge requirements of the healthcare organization. Topics to be addressed include information systems theory and strategic planning; clinical information systems applications and operations analysis, data and technical infrastructures for the electronic health records; information system acquisition and implementation and the regulatory, standards and ethical environment and future trends in health information systems. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of HIM and US Healthcare System, HIM 6501, or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6505 - Database Methods Clin Info Mgt

Addresses database theory, methodologies for database design and issues related to database administration. Emphasis is on requirements and methodologies for assuring data integrity and security in healthcare enterprise information systems, specifically in relationship to the database environment. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of HIM and US Healthcare System, or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6508 - Healthcare Data Analytics

Covers the techniques, strategies and the need/use of Information Technology (IT) tools for data collection, data analysis, reporting and knowledge management. Offers learners the foundational terminology, concepts, models, processes and tools associated with decision support and knowledge management systems to leverage data into information and knowledge enhance care processes, data quality, cost effectiveness and decision-making, ultimately increasing the strategic acumen of the organization. Prerequisites: Finance or Accounting and HIM 6505, or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6509 - Med Vocab & Classif Systems

The representation of clinical data through the use of medical vocabularies and clinical classification systems. Emphasis is on developing expertise in identifying appropriate clinical classification systems and medical vocabularies, identifying their appropriate uses and sources, and applying them within and among health information systems to promote effective communication. Prerequisite: HIM 6501 or permission of department.

For additional information on this certificate program in an easy-to-read format, please read our Healthcare Informatics Gainful Employment Disclosure notice.

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Tuition: $610/credit*

*This tuition rate is in effect for the 2014-2015 academic year and is subject to change in subsequent years. Total program cost and completion time varies depending on each person's transfer credits and individualized program plan.