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The Master of of Arts in Management program will offer a one-time cohort starting in Grand Rapids on Thursday, March 20, 2014. This is an outreach of our Duluth-based program. The format is a blend of evening (Grand Rapids/Duluth) and online classes.

The Master of Arts in Management program focuses on teaching students essential behavioral-management skills necessary to get the most out of employees and guide organizational change from within. We will also offer our Master of Business Administration program, which focuses on the hard business skills necessary to operate a business.

How long will it take to earn my degree?

The Grand Rapids program follows a part-time schedule. Students will take one class per term (evening or online) and can expect to complete the program in two and a half years. Students wishing to complete the program in less time can work with their advisor to take an additional course per term either online or in Duluth (on-site).

What classes do I need to take?

The curriculum consists of a core management curriculum, the MAM program (supplemental) core, an elective concentration and a capstone program. Total minimum credits required for program completion is 40 credits, depending on the student's choice of capstone.

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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse MGT 6307 - Economics for Decision Making

This course focuses on economic decision making in business, where the application of economic theory guides an organization in achieving its aims or strategic objectives. The tools and applications are used to make decisions, assess outcomes and adjust strategy in a global context. The importance of information, competing with a market structure, pricing strategies for firms with varying market power and the nature of industries are covered. A global competitive analysis of a firm in a global market is conducted. A previous course that covers macro- and micro-economic theories is a pre-requisite before taking this class. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6412 - Management Writing & Resources

Provides students an opportunity to develop and practice their writing skills for graduate coursework. Differences between academic and business writing are examined in terms of audience, purpose, format, and demands. Course includes examples of good academic writing and previews the final project and final project proposal for the MA in Management. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6420 - Organizational Behavior

Explores the behavior of people within organizations in terms of the factors that most influence it. Those include factors related to individuals, groups, and the larger organization system. The course utilizes an experiential learning process that helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses as learners. This course is required for students who join the MA in Management and MBA programs. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6431 - Research Methods

Studies the basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics, focusing on their application in conducting business research and understanding the research of others. Topics will include: Probability, frequency distributions and graphs, measures of central tendency, measures of variance, correlations, linear and multiple regression, and hypothesis testing (t-test, analysis of variance, and chi square). Foundation course. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6450 - Marketing: Consumer Behavior

Provides an overview of marketing principles and practices with emphasis on applications for new managers. The course will emphasize marketing from a strategic perspective, with subsequent focus on key concepts such as consumer behavior and marketing mix. Although the focus will be on participant's application in their own organizations, consideration will also be given to international applications. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6455 - Strategic Leadership for Chang

Explores the complex connections among strategy, leadership, and change management. Set in a global environment characterized by rapid technological change, it emphasizes the importance of a leader's capacity to anticipate, envision, and work collaboratively toward a viable organizational future. The course serves as a core curriculum capstone for the MAM and MBA programs and requires students to synthesize and integrate lessons learned in their previous courses. (Common Core Curriculum)

Elective/concentration courses

Students have a choice of elective and concentration courses to choose from. Your advisor will work with you to determine which courses best meet your interests and overall goals for the program.


MGT 6800 - Capstone/Faculty Directed Research Project

Program Start Date:

Spring II: Classes begin Thursday, March 20, 2014

Application Deadline:

March 3, 2014

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