Giving Opportunities

All Saints Annual Fund

The All Saints Annual Fund is the highest priority for the College each year. This is the most versatile support you can provide. The College will use your gift where it will do the most good this year, from classroom equipment to financial aid. No matter how large or small, your donation to the All Saints Annual Fund helps our students by strengthening the St. Scholastica experience.

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LaTour-Eichenwald Forum on HIM Leadership and Innovation

Kathleen LaTour and Shirley Eichenwald Maki have spent their careers advancing the profession of Health Information Management through education, professional leadership, research and collaboration. In honor of their retirement and to reflect their pioneering spirits, the College has established the LaTour-Eichenwald Forum on HIM Leadership and Innovation. The keynote address is from an individual who embodies the leadership qualities and innovative approach to HIM that has been demonstrated by these two professionals.

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Student Scholarships

The College of St. Scholastica is making every effort to remain affordable for our students. However, the economic recession, decreasing support from federal and state government and other financial stresses keep higher education out of reach for many students. Scholarships can make an immediate and real impact on a student's ability to attend St. Scholastica

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