Well U Resources

Well U has a variety of resources available to you help you on your path towards health and well being.  Click on the links below for helpful resources mentioned during our Well U programs, Stewardship in Seconds Webinars, and Events

SMART Goals Worksheet ( mentioned in the Motivation and Goal Setting Webinar) 

Desk Exercise Handout( Mentioned in the Desk Exercises Webinar)

Mindfulness Guide (Mentioned in the 5 Minute Vacation Webinar)

Calculating Your Environmental Footprint ( Mentioned in the Sustainable Lifestyle Webinar)

Supporting a Healthy Planet Podcast ( Mentioned in the Sustainable Lifestyle Webinar)

EPA Personal Emissions Calculator  ( Mentioned in the Sustainable Lifestyle Webinar)

Managing Money: 12 Steps to Good Money Management ( Mentioned in the Nutritious Eating and Exercise on a Budget Webinar)

Ted Talk: Kelly McGonigal: "How to make Stress Your Friend" (Mentioned in the Get A Grip Webinar)

How to Conduct a Walking Meeting (Mentioned in the Move More Webinar)

ACE Fitness Exercise Videos (Mentioned in the Move More Webinar)

The research is clear that eating nutritious foods and eating only enough to meet energy needs can reduce cardiovascular disease risk and promote wellness. In fact, consuming the right amounts of the right foods may be the single most important thing we can do for cardiovascular health! Check out the American Heart Association Healthy Workplace Toolkit for additional information.  American Heart Association Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

Are you interested in viewing a Stewardship in Seconds Webinar?  Click on the Link Below

Stewardship in Seconds: Well U Webinar