One of the most exciting opportunities about living on campus is that you will build the foundation for many lifetime friendships with your roommate(s), floormates, Academic Role Models (ARMs), and Resident Advisors (RAs). We urge you to make the most of your college experience through active involvement in your community by participating in wing meetings and hall activities. In Residential Life, students who actively engage in our community will be able to:

  • Develop effective communication skills for interpersonal relationships.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to their personal lives. Examine their individual identity through the identification of personal, professional, social, academic goals and values.
  • Articulate the importance of living in a community that is welcoming to people from all cultures, faith traditions and diverse experiences.

Before moving onto campus, we strongly encourage you to review the Residential Life Handbook which outlines resources, community guidelines, and policies. We also encourage you to use the resources of people, programs and facilities here at St. Scholastica to the utmost of your capability, so your years here will be vibrant and fulfilling. Be Bold and Benedictine!

Feel free to call 218-723-6391, or visit the Residential Life Office located in Somers Hall 168, with questions or concerns.