CLEAN Reside

CLEAN Reside is an on-campus, sober living community.  A house manager, also a student and CLEAN peer, lives within CLEAN Reside to serve as additional support. The house manager facilitates the weekly house meeting with all CLEAN residents, encourages accountability, and reiterates and upholds the expectations outlined in the housing agreement.  

Participants enjoy apartment living on a floor independent of traditional residents.  Students collectively engage in practicing their recovery by attending meetings together, participating in social activities, studying and simply "being available."  Abstinence is required, but is not the common bond between students in and of itself.  Engaging with each other in recovery is the foundation on which the community is built.

Housing information

Housing is available to St. Scholastica students, as well as students attending the area colleges and universities.  In-dates are flexible and do not need to coincide with academic schedules.  We encourage residents to move in prior to their classes starting.  This allows them to establish their recovery within the community, before adding classes.  Their meeting schedule, work with a sponsor and comfort on campus should be established before class begins.

Sober living

Participants in CLEAN Reside sign a Supplemental Agreement which outlines the additional expectations put on them as members of the sober living community.  Applicants are expected to have at least 90 days sobriety, 30 of which need to be living independently (i.e. outside of primary treatment or corrections).  However, those interested with less than 90 days sobriety are encouraged to contact Ted Nielsen and discuss the housing option.  

Housing Contract Agreement Form