Recovery Support with The CLEAN Program is accomplished through peer accountability.  This happens as students live out the values of 12-step recovery.  CLEAN Equip helps prepare students to support each other, and also provides them opportunities to do so.  Through recovery coaching, students mature and are pointed to service:  service to self, and service to others.  The mindset of "How can I help?" is developed.  Students participating in CLEAN Equip are held to high standards, but these standards naturally complement healthy recovery.

CLEAN Community Meeting

CLEAN Community Meeting is the nucleus of CLEAN Equip and CLEAN Reside.  This meeting is required for those with a formal relationship with The CLEAN Program (CLEAN Reside, CLEAN Equip) and is where all students and staff connect with each other weekly.  The CLEAN Community Meeting is a venue to discuss practical ways of supporting each other and connect students with service opportunities.  It is partly facilitated by students and is furthered by the CLEAN student committee- a leadership opportunity within CLEAN. Outings and activities are also discussed and initiated at Community Meeting.  

Students who formalize their relationship with The CLEAN Program through participating with CLEAN Reside, do so by signing a declaration which acknowledges the expectations and commitments by which they agree to  abide.  Expectations include agreeing to comply with random UA requests, attending three 12-step meetings a week, actively working with a sponsor and engaging in service work.  A copy of this document can be accessed here.  There are a number of incentives offered to students who are successful within CLEAN Equip - these include financial awards and travel opportunities.