CLEAN Connect

CLEAN Connect is entertainment and educational programming to promote awareness of recovery and addiction, as well as provide networking opportunities for those in recovery.  CLEAN Connect is organized through individuals registering with Recovery Services and opting to receive emails and text messages announcing meetings or "like" our Facebook Page.

Nationally recognized entertainment

Events sponsored by CLEAN Connect have included nationally known industry experts including Dan Frigo and Fred Holmquist and entertainment acts such as Mark Lundhom.  Events facilitated by CLEAN Connect are appropriate for a wide audience including those in recovery, and those supporting both the recovery and continuing education community.  

Events open to the general public are posted through Spotlight Arts and Lectures.  Less formal activities, such as game nights and coffee bars, are generally promoted via text messaging, emails and Facebook.  Meeting reminders and transportation updates are also broadcast to this group.  

No commitment, no obligation

CLEAN Connect allows you to keep current  with the CLEAN Program.  There is no formal relationship or obligation.  All levels of recovery are welcome and all are encouraged to register.

Register for CLEAN Connect