CLEAN Recovery Services

Recovery Services' CLEAN Program at The College of St. Scholastica is a community based, peer-driven recovery support program. While certain elements are specific to St. Scholastica students, others are available without Scholastica enrollment.

CLEAN Connect

An informal community of individuals invited to attend programming facilitated by Recovery Services. The community is connected through text messaging and social media. Registering with CLEAN Connect is not a formal commitment and simply allows Recovery Services to include you in their announcements. Students from campuses across the Twin Ports are invited to join the network, although involvement is not limited to college students. The signing of a CLEAN Student Agreement is not mandatory for participation at this level.


A leadership development program for St. Scholastica students in recovery. Students work with a Recovery Coach learning skills and developing confidence to enhance their college experience.  Coaching centers on a recovery lifestyle grounded in service. CLEAN Equip is the highest level of involvement in the CLEAN Program. CLEAN Equip is offered to fully-active CLEAN participants only, but residence in CLEAN Reside is not required to utilize this resource. Residents of CLEAN Reside are required to participate in Equip.  All who have signed a Student Agreement are also expected to utilize this piece of the program.  

CLEAN Reside

A sober housing aspect of the program, allowing students of St. Scholastica and local colleges and universities to collectively engage in living out the principles of recovery in a housing environment. Residents are expected to be fully committed to 12-step recovery, service work, and fostering relationships with their roommates. The sober living community is located on-campus within a traditional student apartment building with one floor exclusively for sober living. Reside provides more autonomy than halfway housing or traditional sober housing, thus appropriate for  mature and responsible students.  Students who opt into CLEAN Reside sign a Supplemental Agreement to their contract with Residential Life.

*These individual communities are all interrelated. They build on and serve one another. Residents within CLEAN Reside are expected to fully participate in both CLEAN Equip and CLEAN Connect events.  Conversely, those who are limited to participating through CLEAN Connect can serve the greater recovery community and their peers through various opportunities and projects.