Outcome 1: Accept and value the challenges and responsibilities involved in being a first year college student.

  • Actively engage in intellectual development. 
  • Take responsibility for personal choices. 
  • Articulate how personal choices impact self, learning and others. 
  • Develop the necessary skills to make informed meaningful choices. 
  • Evaluate choices based on the theme of Dignity. 

Outcome 2: Reflect on issues from various perspectives.

  • Become actively engaged in learning. 
  • Clarify values. 
  • Develop critical thinking skills. 
  • Develop the capacity to understand and interact effectively with others who differ in beliefs, behaviors, values and worldview. 

Outcome 3: Make connections with the larger community.

  • Become familiar with the St. Scholastica mission statement and our identity as a Catholic, Benedictine community. 
  • Explore a variety of experiences and perspectives on the St. Scholastica campus and the greater community. 
  • Become actively engaged in at least one St. Scholastica community group.