Business and Technology Studies

Business and Technology Studies B.A. major

This major provides students an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics drawn from the disciplines of management and computer informational technology or to arrange an individualized course of study in fields represented by the majors offered within the School of Business and Technology.

Whereas a degree in Business and Technology Studies may prepare a student for entry-level employment, students should be aware that this school major may not provide sufficient depth of preparation for admission to a graduate program or specialization in one of the management or computer information disciplines. Students who wish to earn this school major should meet with the Undergradaute Chair of the School of Business and Technology in the fall semester of the sophomore year to evaluate the appropriateness of the degree for their career goals.

The school major is generally intended for students who are not seeking a baccalaureate degree in any other program with in the School of Business and Technology. Therefore, the school major is not offered as a second major.

The school major in Business and Technology Studies requires a minimum of 36 credits in courses that carry a ACC, CIS, ECN, FIN, MGT or MKT prefix. Of the 36 credits, 20 must be earned in one disciplinary area and 16 credits must be chosen from courses at the 3000-level or higher. The balance of credits needed for graduation should be selected in consultation with the student's academic adviser and the Undergraduate Chair to ensure that the student's individual educational and career objectives can be attained.


A student seeking to earn a B.A. in Business and Technology Studies should first schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Chair of the School of Business and Technology or a  designated adviser to discuss the appropriateness of the school major and a proposed course of study. Students submit the application to major form and an essay to the dean. The essay should explain how earning a B.A. in Business and Technology Studies advances the educational and career goals of the student.

Coordinator: Arshia Khan, Ph.D.