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Graduate Courses in Psychology

In order to meet the needs of community members and interested professionals, The College of St. Scholastica offers graduate courses in psychology and sociology. These courses do not lead to a master's degree in psychology.

Department Chair: Gerald Henkel-Johnson, Psy.D., L.P.

PSY 5470: Program Evaluation 
PSY 6444: Projects in Psychology
PSY 6777: Selected Topics in Psychology
PSY 6999: Independent Study in Psychology

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PSY 5470 - Program Evaluation - 2 cr.
Examination of strategies used in assessing the need for, implementation of and effectiveness of interventions. Topics include: purposes of evaluation, understanding the program, planning the evaluations, roles for the evaluator, selection of criteria and standards, development of measures, implementation evaluation, outcome assessment, qualitative methods, reports of results, utilization of results and ethical issues in program evaluation. Students read reports and prepare proposals. Prerequisites: PSY 5330 and 5331 or equivalent.

Prerequisite Courses: PSY 5330, PSY 5331

PSY 5999 - Psychology - 0-4 cr.
Independent Study in Psychology.

PSY 6444 - Projects in Psychology - 1-4 cr.
Applications of psychology through supervised practical experiences or research. The student initiates the project in a written proposal, completes it under faculty supervision and writes a formal report. Prerequisite: consent of supervising faculty member and department chair.

PSY 6777 - Selected Topics in Psychology - 1-4 cr.
In-depth study of a topic of current interest in psychology. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

PSY 6999 - Independent Study Psychology - 1-4 cr.
Scholarly library research and reading in one's area of special interest. Under faculty supervision, the student initiates study in the form of a written proposal and then prepares and orally defends his/her written report or takes an examination. Prerequisite: consent of supervising faculty member and department chair.