School of Arts and Letters

Department of Music

Graduate Courses in Music

In order to meet the needs of community members and interested professionals, The College of St. Scholastica currently offers graduate courses in music described below. These courses do not lead to a master's degree from this College.

Proof of a baccalaureate degree is required for admission to each of these courses. An audition at a satisfactory level for graduate work is required for MUS 5725: Music Lessons. Information on auditions is available from the Department Chair.

Department Chair: LeAnn House, Ph.D.

MUS Courses MUS Courses MUS Courses

MUS 5725 - Applied Music - 2 cr.
Study in: Section 1: Viola da gamba; Section 2: Thorough bass and Harpsichord; Section 3: Voice. 50-minute lesson per week plus performances. For specific repertoire requirements contact Music Department chair.

MUS 5777 - Topics in Early Music - 2 cr.
Concentrated investigation of various aspects of early music, e.g., history of instruments; Bach and Handel; music at the Court of Louis XIV, etc.

MUS 5999 - Independent Research Project - 2 cr.
An independent research project agreed on by advisor and student.